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  1. Sep 2020
    1. Dosimeters store and accumulate incidentradiation energy in a form of carrier trapping at localized centers.The absorbed energy can be read out as a form of photon emissionsby external stimulation, which de-capture the trapped chargesfollowed by recombination. When the stimulation is light, theresultant light emission is so-called optically-stimulated lumines-cence (OSL), whereas emitted light stimulated by heat is so-calledthermally-stimulated luminescence (TSL). The use of TSL for radi-ation dosimetry has been established for many decades. Up to now,many kinds of TSL materials such as Li2B4O7:Cu, Mg2SiO4:Tb,CaSO4:Dy and CaSO4:Tm, and LiF:Mg, Cu, P have been developed[6].

      Los dosímetros almacenan y acumulan energía radiactiva incidente en una forma de atrapamiento en centros localizados. La energía absorbida puede ser entendida como una forma de emisiones de fotón por una estimulación externa, que captura de nuevo las cargas atrapadas seguidas por recombinación. Cuando la estimulación es luz, la resultante luz de emisión es la tan llamada "luminiscencia ópticamente estimulada" (OSL) mientras que la luz estimulada por calor es la llamada "luminiscencia térmicamente-estimulada" (TSL). El uso de TSL para la dosimetría de radiación ha sido establecida por muchas décadas. Hasta ahora, muchos tipos de materiales TSL tales como LI2B4O7:Cu, Mg2SiO4:Tb, CaSO4:Dy y CaSO4:Tm y LiF:Mg, Cu, P han sido desarrollados [6].



  2. Jan 2015
    1. But if you turn data into a money-printing machine for citizens, whereby we all become entrepreneurs, that will extend the financialization of everyday life to the most extreme level, driving people to obsess about monetizing their thoughts, emotions, facts, ideas—because they know that, if these can only be articulated, perhaps they will find a buyer on the open market. This would produce a human landscape worse even than the current neoliberal subjectivity. I think there are only three options. We can keep these things as they are, with Google and Facebook centralizing everything and collecting all the data, on the grounds that they have the best algorithms and generate the best predictions, and so on. We can change the status of data to let citizens own and sell them. Or citizens can own their own data but not sell them, to enable a more communal planning of their lives. That’s the option I prefer.

      Very well thought out. Obviously must know about read write web, TSL certificate issues etc. But what does neoliberal subjectivity mean? An interesting phrase.