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  1. Mar 2021
    1. In the last months, as we prepared for the stable release of web support, we made lots of progress on performance optimization, adding a new CanvasKit-powered rendering engine built with WebAssembly.

      CanvasKit uses WebGL to render the application. This means that Web Extensions have little ability to shape or augment the user experience.

      This feels like an existential crisis for the web, a stripping away of the agency that the User Agent, the Browser, once offered. CanvasKit represents an existential crisis for the web, takes away all of the rich, interoperable systems of HTML, and replaces it with moving pictures.

      I had hoped the Flutter team would come in peace, but you are riding onto the web like rampaging conquerors. I hope a better balance can be struct.

  2. Nov 2020
    1. The Web needs to be accessible to everyone who wants to participate, who wants to share their knowledge with the world, who is not satisfied with the status quo and ready to change culture and society. Yet instead, we are currently building a Web of superficial distractions that is becoming less and less accessible to future generations.

      i am dead cold afraid that the web that is coming seems like it will not support extensions. the bookmarklet is dead, extensions are only on desktop. websec has won, sites are secure, and alas, secured against the almighty user who we all agreed we served.

      what sites do- now that's also been, frankly, not great.