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  1. Jul 2017
    1. bad words for good: How foundations garble their message and lose their audience by Tony Proscio

      Copyright © 2001 by The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation

      You can find this doc at: http://www.issuelab.org/resource/bad_words_for_good_how_foundations_garble_their_message_and_lose_their_audience

      as well as by searching google for the title.

    2. To develop a realistic, credible, and doable action plan — onethat requires buy-in from numerous stakeholders — we mustdevise an ongoing decision-making and consensus-buildingprocess, [including] determining priorities, identifying theimplementing entities, ... and assessing available funding.

      Clearer version of this (from just below)

      "To do this, we should have a good plan, and we’ll need support from the many people who will have to carry out parts of it. That means, in turn, that we have to set up a good process for dividing the work and the cost, and for making decisions along the way."