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  1. Sep 2016
    1. harming workers, families, security and public finances in both countries.

      Starting off with a darker image of the damage that has been done so that the reader may ask "What can be done?"

    1. It is an outdated burden on the Cuban people.  It's a burden on the Americans who want to work and do business or invest here in Cuba.  It's time to lift the embargo.

      This a use of "Begging the Question", or circular reasoning because it asserts that [the embargo] is a burden on the Cuban people, and goes on to invoke that it likewise impedes Americans. But is the embargo actually burdensome to either populations? It is not addressed.

  2. Oct 2013
    1. you do what I have suggested if you say that a man who begs "prays," and a man who prays "begs"; for praying and begging are both varieties of asking

      Interesting way to put this. I have never thought of these two things as being related.