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  1. Nov 2021
    1. i would kind of point to organizations like c40 cities italy and the global covenant of mayors for climate energy as um 00:58:12 you know as those kinds of alternative spaces were hugely exciting things are happening at the municipal level that can potentially be scaled up to the level of a nation-state um and so i think there's a great deal we can learn 00:58:24 from cities and cross-collaboration between urban environments is hugely important um not least because cities urban environments and mega cities in particular have more in common 00:58:36 with each other than many nation states do so the potential for collaboration um and uh learning from one another is i think uh more significant at that scale 00:58:48 and i'm very positive and enthusiastic about the level of energy and enthusiasm that currently exists in municipal um politics and entities to deliver net zero commitments

      change at the city and community level can make or break 1.5 Deg C.