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  1. Sep 2017
    1. The emergence of text messaging abbreviations and languages is another form of creolization—in this case the literal creation of a creole (Castells etal., 2009).



    1. I like to think of Pollen markup a way of capturing not just the text, but also my ideas about the text. Some of these are low-level ideas (“this text should be italicized”). Some are high-level ideas (“this text is the topic of the page”). Some are just notes to myself. In short, everything I know about the text becomes part of the text.In so doing, Pollen markup becomes the source code of the book.

      Es similar a lo que ocurre con los %keyword en Grafoscopio, más la estructura arbórea que provee para el texto y los %embed que permiten que un nodo pueda ser llamado por otro.