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  1. Feb 2021
    1. Eric Feigl-Ding. (2020, December 6). HUMAN➡️MINKS➡️HUMAN transmission on mink farms in NL. 68% of the tested farm workers and/or contacts had evidence of #SARSCoV2 infection. The coronavirus mutated & even evolved within minks before transmitted back to humans—& keeps #COVID19 perpetuating. Https://t.co/5ARZ6Pq5mO https://t.co/fhrQC9ZVDo [Tweet]. @DrEricDing. https://twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1335419078446551041

  2. May 2020
    1. The POD recom-mends that VSD only be used in facilities with the capability to adequately increase air temperature to a level that causes the generation of latent heat that re-sults in a > 95% death rate in < 1 hour.