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  1. Aug 2016
    1. recognizing the importance of internationalism and acting upon it are very different things.
    2. the shortcomings of an attempt at global learning

      I guess I hope you all will come up with some practical solutions to this issue of Open Invitations and Cultural Acceptances and more. I mean that with my heart, and not with any sarcasm. Perhaps a set of "Remember This" for folks planning what they hope/intend to be a Global Experience. That would be an important artifact of these discussions. Thank you!

    3. However, for most of us not in the US (or the UK), this vision has often signalled top-down, US-to-world, Anglo-oriented, decontextualized, culturally irrelevant, infrastructure-insensitive, and timezone-ignorant aspirations, even when the invitation for us to join in may be well-intentioned.

      I need to bookmark this sentence and remember it anytime I am involved in some open learning system. Thank you for expressing this in strong terms.

    4. critical

      That word again ... I know Remi asked about it ... I wonder about it ...

    5. We don’t use the same digital devices and this has had a surprising impact on how we each work when we’re away from our desks.

      I'd be curious to know about these obstacles -- I know it is an ancillary discussion -- the technology -- but I find it intriguing how the technology is both the opportunity and the barrier.

    6. THREE timezones

      Time zones are their own challenges when it comes to collaboration It requires a lot of patience and coordination -- which may be a stumbling block to being inclusive across world cultures -- someone(s) has to coordinate the time zone jumps (never mind the cultural elements)

  2. Aug 2015
    1. At the same time, another conversational thread has begun as academics react to a Washington Post column about professors’ productivity.

      All due respect to Storify/Twitter, but with hypothes.is this conversation could take place at The Washington Post itself. Imagine sharing the digital margin of the Sunday paper with colleagues and collaborators across space and time! Surely, the teacher-in-us-all loves the practice of keeping these discussions grounded in the text!!