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  1. Apr 2018
    1. The problem is that, increasingly, the tools we use in our daily lives are moving online, sometimes exclusively so. Students are assigned internet-based homework. Tax filings and applications for government programs or student loans are more commonly done online—and are processed more quickly than via snail mail.
  2. Mar 2018
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  5. Nov 2017
  6. www.projectconnect.world www.projectconnect.world
    1. Project Connect is a non-profit working to map every school in the world. Our goal is to provide real-time data assessing the quality of each school’s Internet connectivity, eventually creating an observable metric of society’s progress towards enabling educational access and opportunity for every student on Earth.
  7. Oct 2017
    1. To bridge the digital divide is to figure out ways to do things that make it smart for all Kansas City citizens.”
    1. Most of today's educational technology depends on users having Internet access. Students, staff, and faculty must be online in order to participate in learning management systems, digital tests, student information systems, licensed databases, and the entire web. They not only must be reliably online but also need to do so through high-speed connectivity. The digitally networked world is increasingly predicated on users having broadband access.