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  1. Nov 2019
    1. In the case of library users, there is a strong tie between technology and library use. For instance, the technology-rich profiles of Information Omnivores might suggest that their gadgets could provide all the media and data they could possibly need—yet they still patronize libraries at high levels.

      I thought this particular detail was rather illuminating. A common belief is that technology will eventually make the library obsolete. Yet, the correlation between high technology use and high library use runs counter to this belief. It is stated later, on page 3, that the highest engagement groups share a love for books, traditional paper books. They also have the highest technology use. To me, this suggests that the library should not disregard, even in the day-and-age of smartphones, their book collection. This is still the primary draw to the library for their high engagement groups and even to medium engagement groups like the Print Traditionalists. I think this is an encouraging note; people still like books and people still like to get books from the library, despite having pocket computers. But, librarians can't disregard technology either. After reading this study, I think the appropriate way for librarians to understand technology is not as a hostile take-over, but similar to how the people of this study found it to be. Technology is an "add on," a supplement to information resources. The library should provide access to books AND a wide array of relevant digital and technology resources.