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  1. Aug 2016
    1. visioning Real Utopias (Wright 2010)

      Definitely cite this; see further Hypothes.is annotations under 'eutopia'.

    1. Such a volume would thus differ widely from the traditional and contemporary "literature of Utopias" in being regional instead of non-regional, indeed ir-regional and so realisable, instead of being unrealisable and unattainable altogether. The theme of such a volume would thus be to indicate the practicable alternatives, and to select and to define from these the lines of development of the legitimate Eu-topia possible in the given city, and characteristic of it; obviously, therefore, a very different thing from a vague Ou-topia, concretely realisable nowhere.
    2. But these two volumes—"The City: Past and Present,"—are not enough. Is not a third volume imaginable and possible, that of the opening Civic Future?

      On the distinction between "Ou-topia" (utopia) and "Eu-topia".