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  1. Dec 2016
    1. Members can be added to the TC at any time. Any committer can nominate another committer to the TC and the TC uses its standard consensus seeking process to evaluate whether or not to add this new member. Members who do not participate consistently at the level of a majority of the other members are expected to resign.The TC just uses the same consensus seeking process for adding new members as it uses for everything else.It’s a good idea to encourage committers to nominate people to the TC and not just wait around for TC members to notice the impact some people are having. Listening to the broader committers about who they see as having a big impact keeps the TC’s perspective inline with the rest of the project.As a project grows it’s important to add people from a variety of skill sets. If people are doing a lot of docs work, or test work, treat the investment they are making as equally valuable as the hard technical stuff.

      Está interesante esta idea de presión desde abajo (bottom-up), en lugar del crecimiento desde el centro, que limita las perspectivas y diversidad de los participantes futuros a aquellos que son aprobados por quienes ya están en en centro/núcleo. Es diferente a lo que tenemos en HackBo, por ejemplo, aunque es de anotar que las dinámicas respecto a comunidades en espacios analógicos y comunidades pequeñas es distinta a la de los espacios virtuales y comunidades grandes