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  1. Apr 2016
    1. SocialBoost — is a tech NGO that promotes open data and coordinates the activities of more than 1,000 IT-enthusiasts, biggest IT-companies and government bodies in Ukraine through hackathons for socially meaningful IT-projects, related to e-government, e-services, data visualization and open government data. SocialBoost has developed dozens of public services, interactive maps, websites for niche communities, as well as state projects such as data.gov.ua, ogp.gov.ua. SocialBoost builds the bridge between civic activists, government and IT-industry through technology. Main goal is to make government more open by crowdsourcing the creation of innovative public services with the help of civic society.
    1. Hier sehen Sie auf einen Blick, welche Betriebe des Netzwerkes "Demonstrationsbetriebe ökologischer Landbau" in Ihrer Nähe liegen. Die blauen und gelben Punkte zeigen an, wie viele Demonstrationsbetriebe sich in einer bestimmten Region befinden. Ein Klick darauf zoomt die Ansicht näher heran. Die roten Fähnchen markieren jeweils die genaue Lage der Demonstrationsbetriebe, ein Klick darauf führt Sie zum Betriebsporträt.
    1. GaudiLabs are creative spaces for working, thinking and living where culture and technology meet. We conduct open research in open source culture technology. Developing methods, process and devices to unite people and knowledge from different fields and backgrounds. GaudiLabs consists of two complementary types of labs: A small physical lab space in Lucern, Switzerland with the head office. This is where longer term projects are elaborated, where people can meet for hack sessions, discussions and coordination. Then there is GaudiLabs mobile, a set of boxes and portable devices, workshops, concepts and formats to be taken to any place or institution, public space or events and there create a temporary lab space for collaboration. GaudiLabs is active part of the hackteria.org open source biology art network.
    1. Public Lab is a community where you can learn how to investigate environmental concerns. Using inexpensive DIY techniques, we seek to change how people see the world in environmental, social, and political terms.
  2. www.bioflux.eu www.bioflux.eu
    1. He is currently establishing a citizen science biolab in Berlin
  3. Mar 2016