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  1. Apr 2017
  2. Oct 2016
    1. physical architecture as a constraint

      As opposed to Emma Gill, who acknowledges the role of physical architecture as an enabler.

    2. Architectural Exclusion

      This article describes the different techniques used by business's in Greater Manchester, England to cater to children with autism. There are five different examples that the articles uses, the first of which is the Jump Nation trampoline center. Jump Nation, like most of the other examples in the article, has autism friendly days or weekends once a month. At Jump Nation, during the autism friendly weekend, they close off half of the jumping arena and turn the music volume on soft for children with over-sensitivities. They also put up nets so the children don't fall off of something high and hurt themselves. Movie theaters are also trying to cater to children with autism. Most of the cinemas in Manchester have autism friendly movie days every month in which they keep the lights on low, the volume low, and completely get rid of the trailers before the movie. This also happens in most of Manchester's stage theaters. The Manchester museum also helps out. They'll do special labs for kids with autism in which they can come before the museum officially opens and learn from experts who cater to their learning disabilities. Finally, Manchester's Adventure Forest is an autism friendly play zone where kids can come and wonder around free without any worries of getting lost or hurt, and if the kids don't feel comfortable going off on their own, parents are more than welcome to come play with their children on the padded indoor playground. With all that said, it seems that Manchester is leading the way for other cities and countries to start looking out for the needs of children with disabilities.

      Gill, Emma. “Five Places in Manchester That Cater for Children with Autism.” Men, September 19, 2016. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/whats-on/family-kids-news/five-places-manchester-cater-children-11906088.