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  1. Jun 2018
    1. create rich, ethnographic portraits of their homes, neighborhoods, schools, stores, and other spaces

      During one round of Hear My Home, I had taken my friend Anna's soundscape and refashioned it into a multimedia piece, complete with poem:

      Check out Anna's Soundscape on Zeega

    2. Rhythms of recent riots, pulses of contemporary protest marches, and the acoustics of American sit-ins serve as a starting point to explore the sonic intensities and politics of sound. In recent weeks, individuals have taken to the streets to demonstrate alliance with and affinity for making their collective voices heard.

      Found Poem from That Passage:

      starting pulse;

      the streets

      make rhythms of

      our voices, heard,

      the American acoustics

      of politics, march

      in protest, explore

      contemporary sound.


      (with apologies to Cassie and Jon)