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  1. Nov 2018
    1. A Comprehensive Framework For Evaluating Educational Vouchers

      A self-described nonpartisan framework for evaluating school voucher programs.

    2. (1) Freedom to Choose; (2) Productive Efficiency; (3)Equity; and (4) Social Cohesion

      The four dimensions of evaluation for education.

    3. Balancing individual choice for addressing childrearingpreferences with a common educational experience that will promote equity and socialcohesion has always been a major challenge for the educational system. To a large extentthese goals are in conflict and place the school system under continual tension

      Observation that public education exists in an ongoing (and unresolvable?) tension between providing for individual and social needs.

    4. it is importantto address the role of the schools in a democratic society characterized by considerableethnic, racial, regional, and socioeconomic diversity such as the United States

      on the unique situation of the USA