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  1. Mar 2019
    1. But when you think of it, our educational institutions aren’t built to recognize the complexity between pasts and futures. In effect, we build superhighways with one on ramp, and lots of off ramps that lead to dead ends.

      I'm going to forgive the automobilist metaphor because the point is just so dang right!

    2. But many of the conditions that make these settings deeply uncomfortable are larger than that level of course-contained pedagogy.

      Amen! Even worse maybe in K12, where all the social issues we are not addressing elsewhere are expected to be solved in under-funded classrooms.

    3. Scaling In: The Community Dimensions of Innovation

      Great reading for answers to the question "yes, but does it scale?"

    4. To solve the problem of ‘scaling up’ requires ‘scaling in’ –by this we mean developing the designs and infrastructure needed to support effective use of an innovation.

      On "scaling-in" rather than "scaling-up".

    5. special thanks to Nate Angell

      Whoa! Thanks Robin! I don't remember what I might have contributed, but super-honored to be mentioned in such an awesome work!