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  1. Sep 2016
    1. I confess to having reasonable doubt about whether Adnan killed Hae. I’m not talking about the courtroom kind, I’m talking about the normal person kind.

      Koenig seems to try to confess to her audience in a attempt to keep her reader ethos look on her. Maybe thinking that this episode was so focused on sympathy to Adnan that she needed to tell her audience that she is being bias and that she is letting Adnan look like a good person. She does back it up with other people confirming this belief, which allows her to say this.

    2. So, there he was. Mute through two trials, about five weeks total which isreally hard for anyone.

      Koenig seems to be attempting to develop pathos in her audience by describing how it feels for Adnan to be silent in the trial. To maybe develop a sense of sympathy to Adnan. To make people sympathetic to Adnan would bring the listeners more involved into the case to see it through.

    3. how could the cops have missed a detail like that

      Koenig uses a creates logos in when saying this. It's logic that if that phone booth was actually not there then it would be a very dumb mistake for the cops. This builds logos in Koenig by telling her audience that she is paying attention to the details and letting the audience know, so that the audience does not question her capabilities of evaluating the case. This makes the episode for the audience more enjoyable because they can just relax listen and not have to worry about errors.



  2. Jan 2016
    1. Petition President Obama to pardon alleged whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling. He was convicted on the basis of exchanging emails and phone calls with a reporter, with no evidence of what was discussed? These conversations took place in 2002-2004, but they didn't decide to press charges until December 2010?

      http://en.rsf.org/united-states-jeffrey-sterling-latest-victim-of-18-09-2015,48366.html<br> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Alexander_Sterling

  3. Dec 2015
    1. A shorter, cuter, and more appropriate distinguishing tag for hypothesis micro-blog-posts just occurred to me: "hyp" -- short for hypothesis, and reminiscent of both "hype" and "hip". :)