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  1. Jan 2023
    1. these people think there's this self that they're aware of that they've seen that they experienced it's a thing they know best and he's inviting you to introspect something that you often might do on the meditation cushion and asking when you 01:09:38 look inside what do you find well you find sensations you find perceptions you find personality traits or emotions but you don't find a bearer you don't find the thing that's supposed to be the 01:09:52 self so human um thinks that you actually don't even know what a self is because it's something that you believe is there but you've never actually seen that you've never experienced and hume 01:10:04 human has a very radical view that we might have a word self but we don't even know what it means because none of us have ever seen it

      !- introspection : does not reveal an existent self - self is at best a figure of speech, a linguistic construct imputed to be the witness of perceptions and sensations, but is it really necessary?