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  1. Jan 2023
    1. Perhaps we also need to become better critics and listeners, more careful about what we take in and who’s telling it, and what we believe and repeat, because stories can give power – or they can take it away

      This sounds like crap detection and [[Infostrat Filtering 20050928171301]] What do you amplify, how do you judge sources, how do you shape your info-diet, and are you aware that how/what you share is a feedback loop to those who shared the stuff you're reacting to? Solnit focuses here on the narrative/shape of what you share in response to your intake (in contrast to resharing other people's narratives)

  2. Oct 2022
    1. Social software works well given these conditions because these tools are the internet’s response to the enormous volume of information the internet helped create. Social software is the answer to the internet by the internet. The quantitative change in information availability (going from scarcity to abundance) leads to qualitative changes in our information strategies. Social filtering is one of those changed information strategies. Social software caters to social filtering.

      I wrote this in 2007, just as FB and Twitter took off, so was thinking not of them but other social tools (social software rather than media). One way #socmed turned toxic is because they started filtering for us?

  3. Sep 2022
    1. To really deal with this crisis we need to recognize centralization — of social media, of ad networks, of media ownership, of power over our daily communication, and in many other areas related to news publishing — and poor media literacy among the public as crucial underlying causes that need to be tackled.

      Dealing with 'fake news' is not about counteracting every piece of it with debunking. It is about addressing: - centralisation of socmed-adtech-media (Vgl DMA, DSA, GDPR, AIR, and on the other end of the spectrum [[Algo amplification of hate speech normalises it 201801113123304]]) - media literacy of the public (Vgl 'Finnish model' and [[Crap detection is civic duty 2018010073052]])