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  1. Feb 2019
    1. especially at a time when many (perhaps most) computer technologies appear untethered to any philosophy besides the pursuit of maximum profit

      This is why I am here. As we have become more and more specialized, we have become less capable of understanding the consequences, good or ill, of new technologies. Looking back at foundational documents like this with a critical eye is a first step. We can't divorce science and technology from history, ethics and critical analysis without suffering the consequences. Looking back and understanding how we got here will provide clues in how to fix things. I am Geoff Cain - I started out life as a writer and English teacher and eventually went into elearning. I am VERY interested in projects like this because we need to stop being passive consumers of information. I want to help end the Era of the Guilty By-Stander: shared thought can lead to shared action. I will be blogging my experiences with this project at http://geoffcain.com

  2. Jan 2019
    1. as a place to introduce yourselves

      We ask that participants follow this annotation to say hello, where they are from, maybe share their connection/interest to the project.

      Starting as the person making this site, I have early access. I'm Alan Levine, co-conspirator with Gardner Campbell. I worked with him 10 years ago in a Networked Seminar where we discussed parts of this paper. While working for the New Media Consortium I also got to meet Doug when he spoke to our Board and at our conference.