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  1. Jul 2020
    1. Your coworkers being an important part of your day-to-day experience is unsurprising, and what I’ve found increasingly true is that your current coworkers also have an outsized influence on your career long after you’ve stopped working together.

      Bangun jaringan teman kerja yang kuat, seandainya udah ga kerja ditempat tersebut, kesempatan kerja bisa datang dari mereka.

      Cari teman kerja yang bisa menjadi rival, ngepush kemampuan diri sendiri ke ambang batas.

    2. Consequently, the best roles are only accessible if you’re already financially stable, whether it’s stability from an existing role that’s you can interview from, or from savings and investments that allow you to pause between roles to rest and explore.

      Dengan keamanan keuangan, kamu bisa memberi jeda dan memilih mana yang sesuai

    3. Financial security is a prerequisite to own your pace and learning.

      Keamanan keuangan adalah sebuah keuntungan.

    4. Each year identify one or two new things–things that you’re uncomfortable with–and do them! You’ll continue growing yourself, adding more and more pieces to your toolkit.

      Ketika kamu merasa tidak nyaman, artinya kamu sedang belajar

  2. May 2020
    1. When you ask yourselves a lot of why, you might be overwhelmed about those kind of questions, because this kind of question require a lot of time, context, and knowledge to be answered.

      Perlu membatasi ruang lingkup dari pertanyaan itu sendiri

    1. I make an effort to nurture relationships with people I care about. Be a good friend, good daughter, good human

      Yang bikin hidup lebih berarti ada mempunyai hubungan bermakna