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  1. Jul 2019
    1. SJP can be used in mathematics classrooms to help students interpret and apply mathematical knowledge to answer questions that will potentially empower their lives and their communities.

      I have heard this so much. But can we not also engage in SJP by HOW we construct our classroom?

    2. It is important for teachers to help students understand that there are competing voices in a democratic society. What one group considers just and fair may not be interpreted the same way by another group.

      Empathy? alternate points of view for students?

    3. CRP and SJP cannot be prescribed or scripted.

      I need to know more!

    4. The culture of silence occurs when teachers participate in social injustice themselves or fail to critique students who perpetuate inappropriate stereotypes. Teaching for social justice should instill students with new knowledge of the world as it should be to reconstruct society and lead to social change.

      This is easier said than done. We need to build a school culture of this.

    5. Mathematics is not a race-neutral subject

      Great start.