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    1. 1μl of the cell lysate was mixed with 200 μl of 5X Bradford reagent and 800 μl of water. O.D was measured at 595 nm. Standard curve of BSA was plotted using various dilutions of BSA protein by Bradford method. Protein estimation of the cell lysate samples was performed using the standard curve equation y=0.0695x + 0.0329 μg/μl
    2. Protein estimation by Bradford method
    1. Estimation of total glycogen in cells was performed asdescribed previously (Parrou et al., 1997) with slightmodifications.Briefly, YPD medium-grown C. glabratacells were harvested, washed once with 1 ml ice-cold waterandresuspendedin 250 μl sodium carbonate(0.25 M)solution. After incubation at95 ̊C for 4 hin water bath with occasional stirring, cell suspension was cooled and pH of the suspension was adjusted to 5.2 by adding 150 μl 1 M acetic acid. Tothis suspension,600 μl 0.2M sodium acetatewas added and cell suspension was incubated with 1-2 U/ml of α-amyloglucosidase from A.niger(Sigma #A7420)at 57 ̊C for overnight with constant agitation.Resultant glucose liberated by α-amyloglucosidase digestion was collected in the supernatant fraction and quantifiedby phenol-sulphuric acid methodof carbohydratedetermination.For quantification, commercially available purified glucose was used as a standard and total glycogen incells was expressed as μg/2 x 107cells tonormalizeagainstcell density
    2. Estimation of glycogenlevels
    1. To prepareelectrocompetent cells, a single colony of E. coli BW23473 strain from a freshly-streaked LB agar plate was inoculated in 50 ml LB liquid medium. Culture was incubated at 37°C for 14 h with continuous shaking at 200 rpm. 25 mlovernight-grown E. coliBW23473 culture was transferred to 500 ml LB liquid medium and incubated at 37°C till the OD600 reached to 0.4. Post incubation, cultures were transferredto ice and centrifuged at 1,000g for 15 minat 4°C. Cells were washed twice with 500 ml ice-cold sterile water, three times with 250 ml ice-cold 10% glycerol solution and resuspended in 1 ml 10% glycerol solution. After absorbance measurement, cell suspension was normalized to final cell density of 3X1010cells/ml and dispensed in 50 μl aliquots to sterile ice-cold 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes. Aliquots were snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -70ºC
    2. Preparation of E. coliBW23473electrocompetent cells