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  1. Sep 2017
    1. For example, in the old space, visitors needed to obtain two signatures from two members to be approved for membership. This was seen by the directorship as a small barrier to entry and by female visitors as an unnerving time to be "judged" by uncertain criteria and leadership. In other words, what the two founders saw as a "weak" culture was interpreted as a "strong" one by women visitors. Querying the power dynamics of interactions takes us further towards unpacking when a cultural style can be inhibiting of participation, particularly geeks among who may embrace alternative masculinities (Kendall, 2002; McRobbie & Garber, 1976; Wilkins, 2008).

      Los dos votos para ingresar fueron implementados posteriormente, luego de una política laxa de filiación (podía entrar cualquiera que pagara la cuota) y que puso a un miembro con actitudes que incomodaban abiertamente a otros.