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  1. May 2022
    1. when we remember something, we are actually remembering our memory of the memory — and not the memory itself.

      Concept of Memory

  2. Feb 2022
    1. a system is defined by a boundary between itself and its environment dividing it from an infinitely complex 00:01:04 or chaotic exterior and the interior of the system being a zone of reduced complexity

      Reduction of complexity - how my PKM can be thought in terms of thermodynamic systems principle ?

      ... i remember this studying in my schooling (8th i think)

      *so, my notes are less complex and the outside info (eg. LCC or upsc info) are highly complex

  3. Jan 2022
    1. What's shocking about class-size and academic achievement? Answer: There is no statistically significant evidence to support the belief that small class-size results in stronger academic achievements. Follows an inverted U-curve. Too small = too little energy. Uninspired. Too big = too much energy. Unruly.
      • Do my regal genes follow this inverted U approach