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  1. Mar 2021
    1. That has helped me understand this cycle of adoption, defeat, and detachment, but it's also taught me that the IndieWeb isn't a thing. You don't join the IndieWeb or complete the IndieWeb. Attempting to do so will drive you mad 😂

      An important point.

      How can we better message this to new comers?

    2. When I first read about the IndieWeb it felt like a lot. I've written about this before, but the sheer weight of jargon in the space is frankly terrifying.

      How can the community do better at lowering this bar?

      There are many things people are used to doing online and there's at least a common visual grammar for that. A parallel may be for the grammar of movies and television. Everyone knows and feels a smash cut when they see it, but many may not know the word for it. Which bits of jargon are necessary and which are unnecessary?

      Example: There are many sub versions of the idea of syndication. Syndication in and out, which is relatively simple, but we've got half a dozen bits of jargon depending on one's perspective and what the sources and targets are. These are helpful for those of us who specialize and study the space, but are dreadful for the every day user who will use words like cross-post or syndicate instead. While the reframing to prioritize syndicating out from one's site is useful, perhaps it's easier to say that in more words and not with all the other subtleties.