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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Vlasic got to take it down to just over half a gallon of pickles, for $2.79. Not long after that, in January 2001, Vlasic filed for bankruptcy–although the gallon jar of pickles, everyone agrees, wasn’t a critical factor.

      Vlasic got into Walmart and was very popular.

      Wal-Mart forced Vlasic to sell their gallon of pickles of $2.97.

      Wal-Mart makes up so much of Vlasic's revenue that they have to comply.

      Vlasic eventually sells at that price but has difficulty keeping up with demand.

      Vlasic asks Wal-Mart if they can sell for $3.49 which can help so much. Wal-Mart declines.

      In 2001 has to file for bankruptcy even after trying to change strategies.

  2. Sep 2020