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  1. Jan 2021
    1. The impact of instituting Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL) in a fundamental nursing course

      Roller and Zori did not find significantly different results on a national standardized exam

    1. Implementing Process-Oriented, Guided-Inquiry Learning for the First Time: Adaptations and Short-Term Impacts on Students’ Attitude and Performance

      A quasi-experimental design was implemented and data were collected through valid and reliable surveys. Results indicate little to no impact on most measures, although positive trends favoring POGIL students were observed.

    1. Implementing the process oriented guided-inquiry learning (POGIL) pedagogy of group scenario exercises in Fundamentals and Medical Surgical II nursing courses

      The Medical-Surgical Nursing II POGIL and comparison groups had no significant differences in standardized national exam or final course grades.

    1. Process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL®) marginally effects student achievement measures but substantially increases the odds of passing a course

      Participants in the POGIL pedagogy had higher odds of passing a course and roughly performed 0.3 standard deviations higher on achievement measures than participants in standard lectures. In relative risk terms, POGIL reduced the risk of failing a course by 38%.

    1. Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of POGIL in a Large-Enrollment General Chemistry Course

      Students who make it go GenChem2 are more confident with chemistry ability regardless of previous teaching modality

    1. Moving a Large-Lecture Organic POGIL Classroom to an Online Setting

      Challenges and insights on moving POGIL class to online setting in response to covid, emphasis on challenges for instructors, TAs and students and the role TAs have in engagement

    1. Positive Impacts Using POGIL in Organic Chemistry

      Extent of effect of POGIL by comparing ACS percentile rankings and grade point averages to students using traditional teaching methods shows POGIL students showed greater grasp of content knowledge evidenced by higher final exam scores

  2. Feb 2017