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    1. Install dcfldd if you haven't already got it

      Additional software dcfldd

    2. For this, we're going to use gparted. If you don't have gparted installed

      Additional software gparted

    3. Shrinking Raspberry Pi SD Card Images

      Steps to shrink SD images for Raspberry Pi

      Note update at top of page "2017-02-02" git repository.

    1. “We’ve never felt more betrayed and excited at the same time,” admitted YouTubers 8 Bits and a Byte when I told them Raspberry Pi 4 would be out in June, going against rumours of the release happening at some point in 2020. Fortunately, everything worked in our favour, and we were able to get our new product out ahead of schedule.

      Delivering early

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    1. The Piper Computer Kit comes with everything a 7-12 year old needs to assemble her own computer, including a Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer, an HD LCD display, a powerbank, a speaker and a puzzle-like wooden case that she assemble to house her computer.
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