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  1. Oct 2017
    1. As educators, we need to take a closer look at what online reading is all about and think about how we can help our students not only navigate with comprehension but also understand the underlying structure of this world.

      When we are teaching reading skills and techniques we need to be able to students how to read online for different purposes.

    2. Readers read for different purposes. Sometimes they read for pleasure. Sometimes they read for information. Their reason for reading impacts the way they read. They may skim or read carefully depending on why they are reading. Throughout this process, readers monitor the meaning they are constructing. When the text does not meet their purposes, they may switch to another text. Readers expect what they are reading to make sense. They use a repertoire of strategies, such as rethinking, re-reading or reading on to clarify ideas, to make sure they understand what they read in order to accomplish their purposes.1

      Everything we read, we are reading with a purpose. These different purposes inform the kind of reading that we do. Especially when we are reading online, our reading will look very different then when we are reading from a text.