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  1. Oct 2017
    1. I find myself wondering too whether he has a private ritual of purification, carried out behind closed doors, to enable him to return and break bread with other men. Does he wash his hands very carefully, perhaps, or change all his clothes; or has the Bureau created new men who can pass without disquiet between the unclean and the clean?

      The magistrate has all this disbelief for all of the inhumanity that Joll has been showing ever since he arrived, so he wants to believe that in order for Joll to walk this earth without remorse that he is somehow able to "clean" himself of all of the cruelty. By showing the inhumanity of Joll and the men that follow him, we are able to see the humanity in the magistrate. For him it is impossible not to feel empathy for the prisoners and even more so being that brutal; especially, not without having a ritual that would help him be a clean man.

  2. Feb 2017
  3. Sep 2013
    1. hr führt in’s Leben uns hinein.Ihr lasst den Armen schuldig werden,Dann überlasst Ihr ihn den Pein,Denn iede Schuld rächt sich auf Erden

      ambivalence; guilt; remorse; aggressive avengence

    2. This remorse was the result of the primordial ambivalence of feeling towards the father. His sonshated him, but they loved him, too. After their hatred had been satisfied by their act of aggression, their lovecame to the fore in their remorse for the deed

      remorse is subset (love) of resulting ambivalence (hate, love)

    3. excluding from the present discussion the case of a sense of guilt due toremorse

      nice logical acknowledgement

    4. make good the omission. Nor is there any great secret about the matter. Whenone has a sense of guilt after having committed a misdeed, and because of it, the feeling should moreproperly be called remorse
    5. a person feeling guilty because he really has done something which cannot be justified.

      guilt (self-destruction driven by extreme ambivalence) vs remorse (constructive action)