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  1. Feb 2021
  2. Sep 2013
    1. hr führt in’s Leben uns hinein.Ihr lasst den Armen schuldig werden,Dann überlasst Ihr ihn den Pein,Denn iede Schuld rächt sich auf Erden

      ambivalence; guilt; remorse; aggressive avengence

    2. child reacts to his first great instinctual frustrations with excessivelystrong aggressiveness and with a correspondingly severe super-ego, he is following a phylogenetic modeland is going beyond the response that would be currently justified; for the father of prehistoric times wasundoubtedly terrible,

      children trained to respond with strong external (aggressive) and internal (super-ego) manifestations

    3. A considerable amount of aggressiveness must bedeveloped in the child against the authority which prevents him from having his first, but none the less hismost important, satisfactions, whatever the kind of instinctual deprivation that is demanded of him may be;but he is obliged to renounce the satisfaction of this revengeful aggressiveness

      authority turns into superego external object--father conscience arises through suppression of aggressive impulse