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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Definitions

      @Jasonschukraft wrote:

      Not sure where to put this comment, but how are you thinking about uncertainty about effectiveness? There's a small pool of donors who deny that GiveWell has identified the most effective global poverty/health charities because (e.g.) GiveWell is too focused on "randomista" interventions and doesn't give enough weight to "systematic" interventions.

    1. how people react to the presentation of charity-effectiveness information.

      @JasonSchukraft wrote:

      Maybe. I suppose it depends on our goals. Do we want people to give to top charities for the right reason (i.e., because those charities are effective) or do we just want people to give to top charities, simpliciter? If the latter, then maybe it doesn't matter how people react to effectiveness information; we should just go with whatever marketing strategy maximizes donations.

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