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  1. Jul 2017
    1. In the case of Computer Software (what are referred to in this Policy as Non-Traditional Works as defined in Section B.5) in which the University has invested Extraordinary Resources (defined in Section B.6), the Creator shall own the copyright to such Non-Traditional Work; provided, however, that the University is entitled to share in the revenues generated by licensing copyrighted works created and owned by members of the Northwestern Academic Community when all three of the following conditions are met:
    1. a staff employee may apply to the appropriate Senior Vice President and Provost to be treated as a faculty member for purposes of revenue sharing for a work resulting from a specific project upon a showing that his/her duties and responsibilities in that project are, in practical effect, substantially the same as those of a faculty member.
    1. When the University specifically directs the creation of mediated courseware by assigning one or more employees to develop the mediated courseware and supplies them with materials and time to develop the mediated courseware, the resulting mediated courseware belongs to the University and the University shall have the right to revise it and decide who will utilize the mediated courseware in instruction. The University may specifically agree to share revenues and control rights with the employee.