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  1. Jan 2017
    1. day-to-day school realities like extra credit,

      Yes, ours will test this too. Credit-recovery, etc.

    2. Teens' appreciation of multimedia and social learning experiences has the project team focused on ensuring the designed XPs include these things

      Can't wait to see what they design here.

    3. The teens' ideas for rewards generally fit into two main categories: product-based and future-based


    4. watch videos to learn

      This focus on videos as a learning device is interesting to me. Ours are very text heavy at this point.

    5. One wanted to write essays as part of the XPs. Another mentioned sketching, mapping, and planning as activities that he found both fun and educational. Many participants mentioned a strong preference for video and photographic content over audio or text-based content.

      All making oriented.

    6. engage and compete

      We saw this in Lucas Blair's writing too.

    7. Another large theme that surfaced was the need for social interaction


    8. Not all


    9. teens wanted learning experiences like the games and apps they already use

      Important here; connected to things they already use.

  2. Dec 2016
    1. Skill Trees

      No representation of skill trees captures the concept completely, but what I hope is evident on this page is that any Badge, with its related Playlist, should be connected to other Badges and Playlists that come before (in this case, above) it, and it should be one of a few available choices (represented in this case by other Badges and Playlists on the same row), and that it leads to other Badges and Playlists (below it), and that what comes next has choices as well.