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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Sep 2020
    1. thanks to my early training

      Miss Clack frustrates me already. On one hand, she seems to be aware of how prideful she is (“Christian humility conquered sinful pride”), but at the same time, she also seems prideful about being self-aware of her pride - “thanks to my early training” seems self-congratulatory and even “Christian humility” has an air of self-righteousness, as if she wants to remind herself/us that she’s superior because of her humility.

    2. as all serious people know

      Miss Clack seems to include a lot of these little (almost breaking the fourth wall type) commentaries…ultimately, they annoy me, but I think they’re probably important to show how she feels she must constantly justify herself and confirm her good intentions/character. Other examples include “in a tone of Christian interest” or this one “as all serious people know”, which I guess aren’t particularly intentionally objective, which is why they come across as her needing to prove herself in some way.