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  1. Jun 2015
    1. By a ‘sensory ethnography’ I mean a process of doing ethnography that accounts for how this multisensoriality is integral both to the lives of people who participate in our research and to how we ethnographers practise our craft

      I suspect method might be a very important part of discussions from here on out ("how do we do this") so it's great to have a quick and readily available definition here.

  2. May 2015
    1. the sensing package that constitutes our participation in the world.
    2. The idea of a sensing package, a bundle of constitutive, participatory tendrils, may help press past commonplace conditional observations — e.g., that rhetorical activity is embodied — and could offer a way to think about connective, participatory dimensions of sensing. This I think is where sensation can go. But where has it been?