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  1. Mar 2022
  2. Nov 2019
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      passes, if you

      know what I mean -

      the words gather

      and possibly reconvene --

      maybe when we sleep

      the poem, dreams

  3. Dec 2017
    1. a pedagogy of small

      I love this phrase. I am reminded of Robert Twigger's splendid book Micromastery. The subtitle to his book is "learn small, learn fast", i.e. pedagogies of small.

      That takes me in a natural way to Buckminster Fullers metaphor of the "trim tab". Ho loved that idea so much, he put it on his grave stone.

      Let's find the trim tabs, the micromasteries, the small pedagogies that might work as we learn together. That is the kind of we-search I can support. Wholly.