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  1. Dec 2017
    1. transform it into something new

    2. stay engaged

      Yes. Let's stay engaged. How much "research" gets read (maybe) and put on a shelf (probably) and that's the end of the line. Staying engaged means the search is almost never done, always in process, always in progress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8o2oqnUbxg

    3. Why is it that our participants are not authors when they have authored the ideas that have transformed my thoughts, ideas and words?

      Great question and insight -- hinting at the slowly-dissolving lines between writer and reader, and that in-between space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iygsz2AoOmI

    4. a pedagogy of small

      I love this phrase. I am reminded of Robert Twigger's splendid book Micromastery. The subtitle to his book is "learn small, learn fast", i.e. pedagogies of small.

      That takes me in a natural way to Buckminster Fullers metaphor of the "trim tab". Ho loved that idea so much, he put it on his grave stone.

      Let's find the trim tabs, the micromasteries, the small pedagogies that might work as we learn together. That is the kind of we-search I can support. Wholly.

    5. In Mastodon, during seven months of site use, we noticed prose, poetry and creative remixes emerging, small acts of monologue, provocation and invocation led to rich dialogue.


    6. federated model

      Trying to find a good visual of what federated space means ... or or

    7. adjacent possible

      He does love that term ... and it captures so much.

    8. As a result, we find ourselves feeling our way along and challenging our own assumptions about research.

      This is a good thing. It might not jive well with any traditional research elements (and I have no idea if any of you are doing this for some formal project) but this seems to be more authentic than most research projects, for this very idea that you all don't really know where the threads are taking you. Yet. And you have confidence it will emerge.I wonder if collaborating with others (as opposed to being a solo researcher) will make this easier or more difficult.

    9. something similar, something important yet hard to define, is happening within them both

      When you first mentioned that you all were looking at both #smallstories and YWP, my first reaction was: Huh. On surface, they seem to be different kinds of spaces. So I am curious to learn more about where the intersections are, and how we might view "the nature of writing and introspection" as one of the bridges.

    10. small, open spaces

    11. Mastodon

    12. moving

    13. Quicksilver