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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Moreover, the LCOE comparison between nuclear energy and renewable energy does not take into account that pre-construction preparations and building a standardised nuclear power plant will take at least 7-10 years. Even by the earliest commissioning date, the LCOE for renewables is expected to have diminished considerably. To carry-out a fair comparison, it is recommended to estimate the LCOE for renewable energies close to the commissioning year of the nuclear power plant.

      Sehr gutes Argument. Die Kosten von Solar und Wind schätzen, wenn das Atomkraftwerk ONLINE geht.

    1. Uranium mining causes lung cancer in large numbers of miners because uranium mines contain natural radon gas, some of whose decay products are carcinogenic. A study of 4,000 uranium miners between 1950 and 2000 found that 405 (10 percent) died of lung cancer, a rate six times that expected based on smoking rates alone. 61 others died of mining related lung diseases. Clean, renewable energy does not have this risk because (a) it does not require the continuous mining of any material, only one-time mining to produce the energy generators; and (b) the mining does not carry the same lung cancer risk that uranium mining does.

      Uranabbau vs. seltene erden