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  1. Oct 2019
    1. In toddlerhood, a helicopter parent might constantly shadow the child, always playing with and directing his behavior, allowing him zero alone time," Dr. Dunnewold says. In elementary school, helicopter parenting can be revealed through a parent ensuring a child has a certain teacher or coach, selecting the child's friends and activities, or providing disproportionate assistance for homework and school projects.

      Examples of helicopter parent behaviors however not detailed enough.

    2. Although the term is most often applied to parents of high school or college-aged students whodo tasks the child is capable of doing alone (for instance, calling a professor about poor grades, arranging a class schedule, manage exercising habits), helicopter parenting can apply at any age.

      The contrarian view. Most people said helicopter parents are this, but the author says that.

    3. Who is a helicopter parent?

      Sub topic 2: Identify who are the people who potentially are helicopter parents