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  1. Dec 2021
    1. I grew up in a small town called Surry on the coast of down-east Maine. At Christmas, most everyone in our town bought their trees at Jordan's Tree Farm. $5 per tree, cut at your own risk. Thinking back, it seems funny to me now, since after all, this is rural Maine, the pine tree state. And you'd think everyone could cut their own trees on their own land. And it's not like the trees at the Jordan farm were so special. Pretty much everyone called them Charlie Brown trees. People came because of Robert Jordan. They were loyal to him, and they figured he could use the money.
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    1. Siempre valoramos tus comentarios y sugerencias acerca de Facebook, pero debes entender que podríamos utilizarlos sin obligación de compensarte por ello (del mismo modo que tú no tienes obligación de ofrecerlos).

      No parece que valoran mucho lo que dicen o hacen o decimos y/o hacemos