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  1. Jan 2014
    1. This has strong implications for both outbound marketing usage and internal contextual notes.

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    2. A case could be made for a sponsored channel - so Nike could have runner's reframeit notes appended to their rivals sites and to user forums for example. If you subscribed to this channel you would see Nike's perspective on all pages on the web they chose to mark up.

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    3. intriguing from a workflow perspective is the ability to add notes to internal web applications, so notes can be appended to specific products for example to provide everything from training to departmental feedback

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    4. Providing context to specific content is key to so much of web communication and the holy grail of social media marketing practitioners.

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    5. From a commercial perspective an example could be marking up your competitor's web site and sharing it with your sales team, who can continue to update their contextual notes in the field.

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