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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Whether they were in themselves any more hackneyed and trivialthan the usual subjects set nowadays for “essay-writing” I should not like tosay: we may ourselves grow a little weary of “A Day in My Holidays,” “WhatI should Like to Do when I Leave School,” and all the rest of it.

      Poking a little bit of fun at essays like "What I did on my summer vacation"...



  2. Nov 2016
    1. The days get longer, and the weather becomes warmer during the summers, and teachers start dreaming about continuing their tutoring, and they do not want their income to stop during the summer vacations. There are some of the ideas which can help those tutors to earn some extra cash during the summers. Summer vacation can be the best time for these tutors to earn extra money and to achieve their financial targets.

  3. Jan 2016
  4. Sep 2015
    1. The “highs” we get from one-time events like going on vacation or winning a prize wear off over time. As a result, effectively pursuing happiness may require engaging regularly in behaviors that promote happiness. By its nature, prioritizing positivity increases the chance that we will weave these positive behaviors into our daily lives rather than just maintaining a general desire for happiness or expecting it to come from a few isolated events.