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  1. Dec 2016
    1. Would also like to see margin discussion of the forces that led to the creation of the form of the 'conference' and how the new force of virtual connection (whatever that might be) amplifies or dampens the old force. How might all virtual conferences be adapted to F2F ones? Are we seeing a fork in the road here where we are trying to 'shoehorn' the virtual into the real when we should be putting our efforts into all virtual?

    2. interactionscreate a narrative

      Interactions create lots of somethings: shared private and public channels, amplification, reduction in sense of loneliness, support. Is this what you mean by narrative? It seems to me those interactions spawn tools and content of narrative. Narrative for me means making sense of what you gather in these informal interactions.

    3. MahaBali

      I thank Maha Bali for helping me understand how a PDF document like this could be annotated using Hypothesis.

    4. Informal

      Very much in line with the 70-20-10 training folk.


    5. guerillaconnectors

      Has there been pushback from conference folks? (ie: they didn't pay so they can't attend?)

    6. VCfeelslikeanexclusiveclub

      I'm not sure how you escape this concern -- if you use existing channels and communities to reach out, then you are still in a narrow audience field. Whether the "exclusive club" moniker works or not, there is a constant struggle to expand the boundaries of access points and a variety of vojces.

    7. inancial,logistical,socialorhealthreasons

      I appreciate this statement .. it's an access issue ...

    8. VCthereforeallowsvirtualconference participants tomeetandtalkwithconferencepresentersandattendeesinwhatoftenfeelslike spontaneous hallway conversations. Thereis room fortenconnecteddevicesineachvirtual conversation - thelimitation of Google hangouts on air.

      Any other platforms beside Google being used? Don't put all eggs in one basket. We know how that goes. I also am shaking off a Max Headroom) vision, of people walking around with computer screens of people's faces. :)

    9. Informal conversations thatoccur outside of the scheduled organized sessionsareanessentialyet overlooked knowledge-sharingaspect of conferences.

      This is true ... the hallways are often hives of activities