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  1. Aug 2022
    1. API网关、防火墙、路由器等流量入口的服务器,要对流量做密集计算、校验、转发,CPU不强那肯定是不行的
    2. 绝大部分场景,内存才是限制系统性能的主要因素,而cpu一般都是性能过剩
  2. Jan 2022
    1. the existing Wikimedia Cloud Services computing infrastructure (virtual private server (VPS)), the Toolforge hosting environment (platform as a service (PaaS))

      Wikimedia Cloud VPS is Infrastructure as a Service, whereas Toolforge is Platform as a Service.

      As explained in this article, PaaS is further away from on-premises than IaaS, and the user does not have to manage the operative system, middleware and runtimes.

  3. Jul 2020
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  4. May 2020
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