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  1. Oct 2021
    1. there’s no mobile Obsidian app, and there’s no need for it either, any plain text editor will do after all.

      Obsidian has since released a mobile app, with a paid-for sync service. I was using Dropbox to sync my notes between devices but had paid for the Obsidian sync service to test it. It works well but I hardly do any work on my phone, so it's not clear to me what the use case is. I probably won't renew my subscription and will go back to syncing with Dropbox.

    2. being able to quickly switch between the task list and the resources needed for a task

      I tried Todoist, which aims to bring the resources into the to do list. It started as a to do list that you can organise into projects, and then added notes and attachments to items. I decided to go all in for a year, paid for the premium service, and put everything into Todoist. But it didn't work for me because my to do list was still separated from the rest of the work I was trying to do.

  2. May 2021
  3. Dec 2020
    1. The task management set-up

      Having gone through the description below, I can't help but feel that there's an awful amount of manual effort going on here. My own thinking is that task and project management as part of a daily workflow needs to be something relatively friction-less.

      When there's too much structure in a system, with too many steps, I feel like I would be spending more time managing the system than doing the work.

      One of my goals in my own system is to reduce the number of steps required to complete any single activity.

    2. I do not use my mobile to look at or add tasks, or mark them completed. I basically always work laptop-first. This means that the availability of my tasks lists on mobile, and the capability to edit them there, is not important to me

      I used to work from the premise that I have to be able to add tasks to a system that is cross-platform (because otherwise, how could I add that one task while walking between meetings, and have it show up in my work for the day on my laptop?).

      But now I've switched to a "working context", which means I'm sitting in front of my laptop. It's where I capture 99% of the work I need to do. If, on the rare occasion I need to capture a task or note, I use Joplin.