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  1. Oct 2021
    1. interfaces are queries

      I have a sense of what this might mean but I have a hard time conceptualising how I might implement it.

  2. May 2021
    1. A similar tool Foam is. Foam is currently not far enough along their path of development to my taste, but will get there, and I will certainly explore making the switch.

      Potentially even better, it may be the case that Foam comes up to speed and potentially offers some slightly different but useful functionality using the same data source. Then one could keep the files in one's own space and use Obsidian, Foam, or even other tools to access and work with it.

  3. Dec 2020
    1. There are other functions I won’t use because they do not fit my system. For instance it is possible to publish your Obsidian vault publicly online (at publish.obsidian.md, here’s a random example), and some do. To me that is unthinkable: my notes are an extension of my thinking and a personal tool. They are part of my inner space. Publishing is a very different thing, meant for a different audience (you, not me), more product than internal process. At most I can imagine having separate public versions of internal notes, but really anything I publish in a public digital garden is an output of my internal digital garden. Obviously I’d want to publish those through my own site, not through an Obsidian controlled domain.

      This is very useful, thanks. I've been struggling with this myself over the past few weeks, looking at different options for how I might create a public version of my personal notes.

      I've been influenced by the idea of learning in public, which is still intriguing to me. But I like this idea that what I publish is an output of what I've been thinking and learning about. More of a product than something where the process is the output.