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  1. Jun 2016
    1. To no one’s very great surprise, Project Fear turned out to be a giant hoax. The markets were calm. The pound did not collapse. The British government immediately launched a highly effective and popular campaign across the Continent to explain that this was not a rejection of “Europe”, only of the supranational EU institutions; and a new relationship was rapidly forged based on free trade and with traditional British leadership on foreign policy, crime-fighting, intelligence-sharing and other intergovernmental cooperation. 

      This is very funny, in light of the facts. What an arrogant moron.

  2. Dec 2015
    1. the fact that it treats its citizens different than citizens of elsewhere just means that it’s doing its duty

      Callahan here is tackling the wrong question. Immigration is not about whether or not people from outside a country should be treated differently to citizens, but about who should be allowed to become a citizen. Of course a nation-state has a duty to support its own citizens. That does not mean it should protect its current citizens regardless of the expense to potential future citizens (who may become citizens either through birth or through migration).

    2. I think it’s very much analogous to whether a family would want to take them in.

      It is not at all analogous. There is no moral basis for thinking that someone should have the right to enter a family, while their is plenty of reason to think that people ought to have freedom of movement.